DevBlog #31 Barrows, Mort Myre Swamp & Much More

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MineScape's biggest update yet! Morytania's Mort Myre Swamp expansion, Barrows minigame, a new Quest, Emotes and so much more!
A massive thanks to the team, patreon backers and viewers, your support has made this update possible. So let us get right into it.

Barrows Minigame​

Fearless ancient warriors of Saradomin, lie abandoned and entombed in their crypts deep in the swamplands of Morytania. Awaiting adventurers to challenge them for the precious treasures they guard. Which of you will take them on?
  • Ahrim the Blighted: Known for his casting of magic upon his enemies, draining their strength.
  • Dharok the Wretched: A mighty hard-hitting berserker. Damaging Dharok enrages him even more.
  • Guthan the Infested: Beware of the sharp point on his spear, it will drain your life and heal his.
  • Karil the Tainted: The crossbow-wielding...

DevBlog #30 Halloween Event, Construction Preview & More

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DevBlog #30 Halloween Event, Construction Preview & More

Its a spooky time of year, so we have added the 2020 Halloween event to the server for everyone to enjoy!

Halloween Event

Rick seems to of have managed to get his head replaced with a pumpkin, and needs your help to help him with his prediciment.
The quest is started on the west side of Lumbridge swamp, near to the wizards tower. This mini quest will only take a few steps, and rewards will be unique for the event.
Along with this update comes a limited edition pet added to the store! Pouncer will be your friendly ghost pet, albiet a little spikey. He can be purchased over at https://store.minescape.me/category/118093 for up to 1 week...

DevBlog #29 Morytania, Canifis and Slayer Tower

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The update you've all been waiting for... bringing with it a region unlock and 3 new areas. The Slayer Tower, Canifis and Paterdomus are finally here!

Slayer tower
The long-awaited slayer tower is finally here!

With the slayer tower unlocks a vast amount of creatures for you to kill ranging from level 5 crawling hands all the way up to level 124 abyssal demons.

The slayer tower consists of 4 floors, with the basement requiring you to be on a slayer task to kill any NPC down there, the top 3 you may freely move and slay whichever monster you choose, so long as you have the slayer level required!

Morytania/Canifis Release
With Morytania being such a large area, Morytania will be released in phases. This being phase 1, unlocking the new port farming patch, the...
DevBlog #28 The Abyss, SkillCape Perks, Farming Protection and more!
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Moving the update back to the weekend, the MineScape team has been hard at work to bring you: The Abyss, Farming Protection, SkillCape Perks and more!

The Abyss
The main attraction to this update, the Abyss!

Requiring the completion of the miniquest "Enter The Abyss", started by talking to the Mage of Zamorak in the Wilderness. The Abyss provides a new way to access altars across the lands of MineScape, but be wary as it is guarded by dangerous creatures.

These dangerous creatures within the Abyss are known as the Abyssal guardian, Abyssal leech, and Abyssal walkers. They guard the entrances to the middle of the abyss which require skills to pass.

The Abyss creatures when killed have a chance of dropping Runecrafting pouches. Pouches are dropped in stages from small, medium, large to giant. Each stage increases in storage size, and can hold both rune essence and pure essence...
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This update brings a new skill, Farming! With only agility, hunter and construction left (and of course shipbuilding). The team has some big ideas and big plans ahead for the server. We cannot wait to get more updates into the game for everyone to enjoy!

Whilst we have been working hard with some of the team taking time off since it’s holiday season and to focus on real-life events. In the end as promised, two massive updates have occurred. So lets get right into it!

Following our roadmap, the wilderness has expanded up to level 40. With this area being released the follow is unlocked: Many new mobs to kill. New areas to explore! For example the new chaos altar temple! Which is situated deep in the wilderness. To all adventurers, Be wary as teleports are disabled past level 20.!

With many areas being added and...