DevBlog #39 Yanille Map Expansion, Hand in the Sand Quest and much more
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Welcome back to another MineScape update! With many exciting changes and content to explore.

Yanille Map Expansion​

Our latest massive map expansion from south of Ardougne down to Yanille, bringing with it many areas.

Areas built include:
  • Yanille
  • Battlefield
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Ourania Altar
  • Fight Arena (Quest locked)
  • Port Khazard (Trader Crewmember Ship)
  • Castle Wars (Ring of dueling teleport)

Players with the required construction level can move their houses to Yanille for fast teleport access.

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Hand in the Sand Quest​

The humble Sandman of Yanille has a predicament on his hands.... a hand he found in the sand. Would you be so generous as to lend him a hand? To start, head your way to west Yanille and speak to Bert in his home.

Completion of the...
DevBlog #39 Yanille Map Expansion, Hand in the Sand Quest and much more.
DevBlog #38 Animal Magnetism Quest, Version Update & More
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1.18 Server Update​

Due to a security issue that affected Minecraft and other applications in early December 2021, we were forced to switch the server version from 1.13.2 to 1.18.2. This has taken a great deal of time, and thank you to all who have helped us with testing.
The update process is now complete, for many users there will be a minor difference in gameplay elements, but we are excited because it allows our builders to use the new blocks & features that come with all the missed updates!

Animal Magnetism​

Tired of having to pick up your ranged ammunition off the ground? Ava has taken residence inside Draynor Manor and has the device to solve that problem! She's just a little bit crazy, and as the helpful adventurer that you are, you agree to run her errands and try to make sense of her research notes.
Upon completion of the quest, you are awarded one of two Ava's devices, either the Attractor or the Accumulator...
DevBlog #38 Animal Magnetism Quest, Version Update & More.
DevBlog #37 Drop Tables, Shop Rework, Improvements & More
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A new quest release and highly requested changes in MineScape's latest server update! So let's get right into it.

Witch's House Quest​

Little Billy accidentally kicked his ball over the hedge onto the property of Nora T. Hagg and you must embark on a breaking and entering quest to retrieve it from the Witch's House. Solve puzzles and try not to get caught by the witch, otherwise, she'll kick you out of her property. Find out what's inside of the shed if you dare.

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Drop Tables​

Mob drop tables have been given small fixes over time to help alleviate some of the issues it had with how drops functioned. This update brings changes to all mob tables that corrects their item drops alongside the rates of accessing the rare drop table, gem drop table, seed table, etc.

An exciting feature...
DevBlog #37 Drop Tables, Shop Rework, Improvements & More.
DevBlog #36 Brimhaven, Metal Dragons, Agility Shortcuts, Oh My!
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With August already here, things have been heating up over in Brimhaven with our researchers having accidentally set loose metal dragons in the depths of Brimhaven Dungeon. Grab your Antidragon shields and chug your Anti-fire potions for this fiery update.


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Get ready to explore the pirate town of Brimhaven and venture into the depths of Brimhaven Dungeon. The town of Brimhaven introduces several new additions to the game, including a new fruit tree patch, travel ships to and from Brimhaven, a lively bar to relax with a glass of grog, and a restaurant selling the local delicacy of Karambwan. Delicious!

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Once you've had a good ole time in the pub, you can make your...
DevBlog #35 Agility Rooftops, Inventory Rework, New Team Members & More
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With July already underway, the researchers here at MineScape HQ have been hard at work. Concocting a brew with the right balance of Agility, Quests, and Inventory changes to release into the wild. So let's take a sip of what's become available.

Agility Rooftops​

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a player doing rooftop agility!

Race across the rooftops to be the first player to get 99 Agility, but be careful crossing those tightropes, falling will cause you to break your ankles and dealing damage. Would be a shameful way to lose your Hardcore status...

Available Rooftops:
  • Level 10: Draynor Village
  • Level 40: Canifis
  • Level 50: Falador
  • Level 60: Seers Village
  • Level 90: Ardougne
Currently the only way to start Agility is at the level 1 bridge in the Morytania Swamp, with Gnome Stronghold not being far from the current build map.

[IMG alt="minescape...
DevBlog #35 Agility Rooftops, Inventory Rework, New Team Members & More.