Devblog #2 Update for the weekend
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Devblog #2 Update for the weekend

Progress over the last week

As our community continues to grow, the progress will also continue, and we have been hard at work this week!

Server Logo
We have a new logo in development by a very talented artist, and we can't wait to share it with you all. There will be many more works done in future to promote key aspects of the server or updates

I have spent this week focusing on creating more utility classes, meaning it will be easier in future to make improvements. Mostly was working on commands this week, making admin, mod and user commands with tab completion, making sure we have the ability to properly run the server
The website now updates live each time I compile the source code, meaning you can follow the progress we are making. We will have more ways in future for you to view our progress, just a nice peek at how we are...

Devblog #1 The start of it all

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Devblog #1 The start of it all


Welcome to the MineScape community, or if you are returning then welcome back! We here at MineScape are glad to have you alongside us in the journey of creating this server, Mayneman and I are the creators but you will be the ones guiding our path on the way.
A lot has happened since the last time you heard from us, so we will spend some time here going through a bunch of the drastic changes the server has gone through since then, so continue reading on, this is definitely an interesting one.

The new website is the first players will see of our server, so with a complete redesign we feel it provides the right information to draw more players to the server, link it to all of your friends and see what they think!