DevBlog #34 East Ardougne, 3 New Quests, Fishing Guild, Collection Log & Much, Much More
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We are already halfway through the year and the MineScape team has been hard at work to bring yet another amazing update! With a map expansion to the west, 3 new quests to explore, and much more, let's get into it.


A hotspot for many activities, the release of East Ardougne and its surrounding areas are finally here. A big thanks to our builders for doing an amazing job for this whole update.

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The Ardougne marketplace contains various stalls from which you can both trade and use your thieving skills to collect new items. Along with the stalls, are two additional stores within Ardougne and also an inn to enjoy some of the new beer effects.

  • Gem Stall
  • Bakery Stalls
  • Silver Stall
  • Silk Stalls
  • Spice Stall
  • Fur Stall
  • General Store
  • Zenesha's Platebody Shop
DevBlog #33 Construction Release, Easter Event, Lost City Quest & Much More
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The time is here! The team has been working really hard to get this update out and is very excited to present the new skill Construction! There are also some new areas to explore, a new quest and many fixes and additions to the Minescape world.

The amount of support given drives us to keep releasing quality content such as this. We appreciate everyone who participates in helping us deliver.

Construction Release​

Continuing with the roadmap, a big push in this update is the initial release of the Construction skill. A massive thanks to the modellers for making so many amazing models for each of the rooms. This roadmap update could not have been done without them.

Make sure to bring a hammer, planks and a saw when starting your house building adventure. Level up to unlock new and fancier furniture, more rooms and land to build on. Having your house located in Rimmington, you may use Phials at the general store nearby to...
DevBlog #32 A Lovely New Year, Giant Mole & New Hud
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The first update of the new year! The team has been working very hard in the background to bring you another amazing update.

We appreciate the patience and the support you have all given us, we can't wait to bring you many more updates soon.

Valentines Event​

A bear has travelled to Lumbridge, a bit late to the party, but better late than never to spread the words of valentines love to the players. Bringing word from cupid that gifts may drop from the heavens as you explore the world.

So keep an eye as you play and have fun. Who knows, maybe you will even receive a hug or two from the bear if you gift them some of the chocolates found.

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Giant Mole Boss​

An annoying animal seems to be digging up holes in the Falador park, ruining the beautiful plants and bushes. We request at once...

DevBlog #31 Barrows, Mort Myre Swamp & Much More

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MineScape's biggest update yet! Morytania's Mort Myre Swamp expansion, Barrows minigame, a new Quest, Emotes and so much more!
A massive thanks to the team, patreon backers and viewers, your support has made this update possible. So let us get right into it.

Barrows Minigame​

Fearless ancient warriors of Saradomin, lie abandoned and entombed in their crypts deep in the swamplands of Morytania. Awaiting adventurers to challenge them for the precious treasures they guard. Which of you will take them on?
  • Ahrim the Blighted: Known for his casting of magic upon his enemies, draining their strength.
  • Dharok the Wretched: A mighty hard-hitting berserker. Damaging Dharok enrages him even more.
  • Guthan the Infested: Beware of the sharp point on his spear, it will drain your life and heal his.
  • Karil the Tainted: The crossbow-wielding...

DevBlog #30 Halloween Event, Construction Preview & More

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DevBlog #30 Halloween Event, Construction Preview & More

Its a spooky time of year, so we have added the 2020 Halloween event to the server for everyone to enjoy!

Halloween Event

Rick seems to of have managed to get his head replaced with a pumpkin, and needs your help to help him with his prediciment.
The quest is started on the west side of Lumbridge swamp, near to the wizards tower. This mini quest will only take a few steps, and rewards will be unique for the event.
Along with this update comes a limited edition pet added to the store! Pouncer will be your friendly ghost pet, albiet a little spikey. He can be purchased over at for up to 1 week...