DevBlog #29 Morytania, Canifis and Slayer Tower

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The update you've all been waiting for... bringing with it a region unlock and 3 new areas. The Slayer Tower, Canifis and Paterdomus are finally here!

Slayer tower
The long-awaited slayer tower is finally here!

With the slayer tower unlocks a vast amount of creatures for you to kill ranging from level 5 crawling hands all the way up to level 124 abyssal demons.

The slayer tower consists of 4 floors, with the basement requiring you to be on a slayer task to kill any NPC down there, the top 3 you may freely move and slay whichever monster you choose, so long as you have the slayer level required!

Morytania/Canifis Release
With Morytania being such a large area, Morytania will be released in phases. This being phase 1, unlocking the new port farming patch, the...
DevBlog #28 The Abyss, SkillCape Perks, Farming Protection and more!
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Moving the update back to the weekend, the MineScape team has been hard at work to bring you: The Abyss, Farming Protection, SkillCape Perks and more!

The Abyss
The main attraction to this update, the Abyss!

Requiring the completion of the miniquest "Enter The Abyss", started by talking to the Mage of Zamorak in the Wilderness. The Abyss provides a new way to access altars across the lands of MineScape, but be wary as it is guarded by dangerous creatures.

These dangerous creatures within the Abyss are known as the Abyssal guardian, Abyssal leech, and Abyssal walkers. They guard the entrances to the middle of the abyss which require skills to pass.

The Abyss creatures when killed have a chance of dropping Runecrafting pouches. Pouches are dropped in stages from small, medium, large to giant. Each stage increases in storage size, and can hold both rune essence and pure essence...
DevBlog #27 Tree Farming, Patreon Support, Platinum Rewards and more!
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DevBlog #27 Patreon, Platinum rewards, Farming update and more!
Another mid week update, including more farming patches, introducing new ways to support the team and more!

New Staff
Firstly we would like to announce the latest additions to the staff team. Already creating our latest amazing update videos, Busy_GamerRS joins us as our Video Producer. lvl_3 joins as our new Community Manager, he will be responsible for bringing forth ideas from the community and hosting events. Wugglet and Zygeno are our newly appointed helpers, providing good knowledge of the server to players and keeping the community clean.

Patreon Support
Preview updates and provide take never before possible screenshots of the server! With benefits of a whitelisted test server, exclusive cosmetics, private discord channels and previews, a new way to support the team is here!

By supporting the team over at, players will be...
Devblog #25 Map Expansion, New Boss & Clue Caskets
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This update is the result of the team doing another amazing job, working together to bring as much content to you as possible. We have big plans ahead and will continue bringing players amazing content, so let's get right into it.

Seers Village
Heading west of last weeks update Catherby; Camelot Castle, Seers Village and the region of Hemenster have been released! These areas bring many interesting areas along with them.

The first magic trees ingame, found south of Seers Village bank these along with the new many maple trees found around will be a hotspot for players wishing to train their woodcutting.

An amazing rangers guild, whilst the requirements and insides haven't been added, you can go explore the next guild soon to be added.

With the quest in the works, the fishing contest...
Devblog #24 Map Expansion, Warriors Guild, Resources & More!
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Continuing with our bi-weekly updates, a massive push by the team has resulted in amazing progress: Two beautiful new areas and a guild have been opened up! Containing a great deal of new content, let us get into the update.

New Areas
Following our roadmap, Catherby has been the next area to be released, bringing with it the hazardous White Wolf Mountain. Travelling west of Taverley, players will encounter the snowy mountains roamed by aggressive white wolves who fear no man.

Within the new town of Catherby, there are many activities to be done.

Along its beautiful shores, a new fishing spot has been added that opens up the ability to attempt to catch a very dangerous fish: the Shark. Being a dangerous predator, the Shark requires a fishing level of 76 and can be caught with a...