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This update brings a new skill, Farming! With only agility, hunter and construction left (and of course shipbuilding). The team has some big ideas and big plans ahead for the server. We cannot wait to get more updates into the game for everyone to enjoy!

Whilst we have been working hard with some of the team taking time off since it’s holiday season and to focus on real-life events. In the end as promised, two massive updates have occurred. So lets get right into it!

Following our roadmap, the wilderness has expanded up to level 40. With this area being released the follow is unlocked: Many new mobs to kill. New areas to explore! For example the new chaos altar temple! Which is situated deep in the wilderness. To all adventurers, Be wary as teleports are disabled past level 20.!

With many areas being added and...
Devblog #25 Map Expansion, New Boss & Clue Caskets
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This update is the result of the team doing another amazing job, working together to bring as much content to you as possible. We have big plans ahead and will continue bringing players amazing content, so let's get right into it.

Seers Village
Heading west of last weeks update Catherby; Camelot Castle, Seers Village and the region of Hemenster have been released! These areas bring many interesting areas along with them.

The first magic trees ingame, found south of Seers Village bank these along with the new many maple trees found around will be a hotspot for players wishing to train their woodcutting.

An amazing rangers guild, whilst the requirements and insides haven't been added, you can go explore the next guild soon to be added.

With the quest in the works, the fishing contest...
Devblog #24 Map Expansion, Warriors Guild, Resources & More!
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Continuing with our bi-weekly updates, a massive push by the team has resulted in amazing progress: Two beautiful new areas and a guild have been opened up! Containing a great deal of new content, let us get into the update.

New Areas
Following our roadmap, Catherby has been the next area to be released, bringing with it the hazardous White Wolf Mountain. Travelling west of Taverley, players will encounter the snowy mountains roamed by aggressive white wolves who fear no man.

Within the new town of Catherby, there are many activities to be done.

Along its beautiful shores, a new fishing spot has been added that opens up the ability to attempt to catch a very dangerous fish: the Shark. Being a dangerous predator, the Shark requires a fishing level of 76 and can be caught with a...
Devblog #23: Herblore, Quests, Transmogs & More
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With an amazing effort from the modellers, all the herblore items have been added into the game! Also a big thanks to everyone using the roadmap suggestions to keep us on our feet with new ideas. Now on with the update.

The big news in this update is the new skill, Herblore! Long awaited, Herblore introduces many items, herbs dropped from mobs, unfinished potions to be made from said herbs, items to be ground up using the pestle and mortar, to completed potions giving combat & skilling stat bonuses.

To start Herblore you must first complete Druidic Ritual, which can be initated by speaking with Kaqemeex by the Stone circle in the latest map expansion region of Taverley.

Many additional items have been added, along with information about them, potions will say if they are currently implemented or not by hovering over them. Jatix found in Taverley, runs the Herblore shop, selling you the some of the items required to start the skill.

Potions &...
Devblog #22: Taverley & Burthorpe, High Level Dungeon & More
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With an excellent job done by the builders & modellers, we are ready to release the latest Map Expansion! The screenshots below are unable to showcase how amazing the place looks, so make sure to go check it out for yourselves!

Taverley & Burthorpe
Opening up the first area outside the free to play map, Taverley & Burthorpe brings along with it the possiblity of much more content. From quests, guilds, to a new skill! It also provides a pathway to build even more west.

The crystal chest can be found in Taverley and opening it might reward you with great treasures! Rumoured to contain a priceless purple gem, it seems to require a key. I wonder where you can find one...

After spending sometime camped outside of Falador; Turael now finally is home.