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Devblog #23: Herblore, Quests, Transmogs & More
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With an amazing effort from the modellers, all the herblore items have been added into the game! Also a big thanks to everyone using the roadmap suggestions to keep us on our feet with new ideas. Now on with the update.

The big news in this update is the new skill, Herblore! Long awaited, Herblore introduces many items, herbs dropped from mobs, unfinished potions to be made from said herbs, items to be ground up using the pestle and mortar, to completed potions giving combat & skilling stat bonuses.

To start Herblore you must first complete Druidic Ritual, which can be initated by speaking with Kaqemeex by the Stone circle in the latest map expansion region of Taverley.

Many additional items have been added, along with information about them, potions will say if they are currently implemented or not by hovering over them. Jatix found in Taverley, runs the Herblore shop, selling you the some of the items required to start the skill.

Potions &...
Devblog #22: Taverley & Burthorpe, High Level Dungeon & More
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With an excellent job done by the builders & modellers, we are ready to release the latest Map Expansion! The screenshots below are unable to showcase how amazing the place looks, so make sure to go check it out for yourselves!

Taverley & Burthorpe
Opening up the first area outside the free to play map, Taverley & Burthorpe brings along with it the possiblity of much more content. From quests, guilds, to a new skill! It also provides a pathway to build even more west.

The crystal chest can be found in Taverley and opening it might reward you with great treasures! Rumoured to contain a priceless purple gem, it seems to require a key. I wonder where you can find one...

After spending sometime camped outside of Falador; Turael now finally is home.

Minigame Build Competition
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Welcome to MineScapes first Build Competition with $200 up for grabs!

I have been developing server plugins for many years now and have created many things for various projects I have worked on. One of these things was a minigame for a build teams server around 5 years ago. They were amazing builders and the maps were just fantastic to play on.

The minigame was called Sprinters, is easy to pickup and most important, fun to play.
  • The goal of the game is to reach the end zone as fast as you can, with obstacles along the way.
  • You are set to a speed of 6 by default, causing you to run almost uncontrollably fast.
  • Yellow Wool: Gives you a short speed boost.
  • Red Wool: Gives you a short jump boost, usually to get to another platform.
  • Purple Wool: Slows you down for a few seconds, allowing others to catchup.
  • Black Wool: Blinding you, as so you can't see the way forward.
  • Green Wool: Sets a checkpoint, if you fall it will reset...
Devblog #21 Giveaway, Bosses, Mob Attacks & More!
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The world map is being worked on tirelessly by our builders, so in the meantime, we are bringing you many content & feature additions

MineScape Giveaway
First off, MineScape is hosting a massive giveaway with 10 winners to be drawn!

Prizes are picked by the winners from the following: SteelSeries Apex 3 Keyboard, MineScape Hoodie + Chests, MineScape Hat + Chest, or just Chests!

Goodluck to all who enter, check out how to enter here https://gleam.io/cafXF/minescape-giveaway

A boss is lurking deep in the Edgeville caves, his angry roars tremble the land.

Obor, King of the Hill Giants, has made his home in the pit of the Edgeville caves. Guarded by the fierce hill giants, only a select few carry the key, I wonder what story is to be told of this great boss.

Obor has two attack styles, melee and range, both are very powerful attacks. Food and teleportation escapes are essential, this is the first of the instanced...
DevBlog #20 - Ironman Mode, Dungeons & Glitched Chests
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Brilliant work has been done to get this update out to everyone, the team has been working hard and you get the see the results!

Areas Released
The frosty Asgarnian Ice Dungeon has been completed in the southern point of Port Sarim. Beware of the icy monsters that guard this underground cavern, they will fiercly attack with their frozen weapons, attempting to lead you into a chilly death. A scarf cosmetic might keep you warm.

Due to this areas release, you will now be able to complete The Knights Sword quest, by mining Blurite in the dungeon.

Be cautious in the new Edgeville Dungeon, demons lurk deep in the northern caves, beasts never been seen in this realm.

Replacing the old dungeons is one more accurate and contains all the correct mobs in place. This area does lead into the wilderness so make sure you keep your eye out for other players...