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Devblog #7 Last update before the Open Beta

Just under 6 hours until the Open Beta! Finally you will be able to join us live on the server, for endless hours of fun!

What to expect:
Skilling & Highscores
All F2P skills are available with the ability to view highscores in-game and also on the discord. Utilize double exp weekends to climb faster! Grind to be the best in any of the following skills:
Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Runecrafting, Crafting, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting

Quests go alongside the skill grind of the game, they allow for a small break before you go back to getting those highscores!
Currently there are 4 quests available with more coming in future updates:
  • Tutorial Island...
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Devblog #6 Beta Release Date & Voting

TLDR: Date subject to change, and please note it is a beta!
We have come a long way and it is now the time you have all been waiting for, beta release dates!!! Also up this week is player voting rewards, double xp weekends and capes.

Release date
Planned release time is Friday the 8th of June, yes in 5 days we will be opening up the server and welcoming you all into the world of MineScape. The server is already setup and running as expected.
Friday June 7th times:
  • 9:00PM GMT
  • 5:00PM EST
  • 2:00PM PT
Voting is all setup and started recording votes, meaning you can start voting now and will receive all votes upon logging in! Vote rewards are currently 1 skill pack for every 4 votes, meaning you can receive 2 skill packs each day just for voting! More great rewards will be added in future.
Links can...
Joining the MineScape.me Server
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Welcome to the MineScape Community

This guide will help you join our wonderful server

Step 1: Download and run minecraft java edition https://minecraft.net/
Step 2: Using latest release 1.14.4 click play
Step 3: Once the game loads click multiplayer, then click Add Server
Step 4: Input the following info (image below)

Server Name: MineScape
Server Address: minescape.me
Server Resource Packs: Enabled
Step 5: Click done, select the server and click Join Server. The resourcepack may take a few seconds to download.
Step 6: Once in the lobby right click the server selector and click World 1
Step 7: Enjoy the beautiful lands of MineScape

Devblog #5 Quality of Life & Memberships
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Devblog #5 Quality of Life & Memberships

This week has been spent focusing on quality of life aspects for the server, from scoreboard, to shop interfaces and even a clearchat command. We will also delve into memberships and voting.

Quality of Life
Scoreboards are now dynamic, meaning you can alter them to your pleasing, there are many variables such as <health>, <clan>, <attack>, <defence> etc. This gives a great range of customization for players, the scoreboard can also be toggled on/off.

Other improvements this week is the ability to display buy/sell prices for items in the shop interface (shown in image). Previously you had to click the items and it would show in chat which could sometimes be hard to read whilst the inventory was open. Things like this are easily implemented elsewhere to improve...
Devblog #4 Logo, Video & Beta
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Devblog #4 Logo, Video & Beta

Everything is coming together, our new logo has been polished and finalized, promotional video is out, and we announce a release time frame for the beta
We feel comfortable now to release an estimate on the beta release window, and its not far away!
Our beta will be available early June, yes that gives us just over 2 weeks to get everything ready for all you players to enjoy the beta. We hope you are as excited as us with this announcement!
Trailer Video:

As you can see at the top of the blog, our new Logo has been completed!! We will have many more works done in future showcasing parts of the server. But for now we are very happy the artist was able to take our vision and create such a stunning logo from it

I've spent the week improving clue scroll...