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Devblog #14 Thieving, Combat Changes, Newer Drop Tables & More!
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Hey guys! I hope you have had a good week so far. Welcome back to another devblog it has been a great two weeks and we have some awesome things this update!

The biggest part of this update is a brand new skill to train! Dablakbandit has been hard at work these past weeks and has finished part of thieving!

To start off thieving, I would recommend going to the Grand Exchange or Lumbridge as these areas are occupied with lots of people. Currently, only men, women, farmers and guards are able to be pickpocketed.


Combat changes
The combat algorithm has been changed to allow lower levels to have a fair chance versus other lower-level monsters. Before these changes, if you're combat level was around 3-10 you would get demolished by anything that attacked you...
Devblog #13 Wizards Tower, New Quests, Enchanting & Much More!
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Devblog #13 Wizards Tower, New Quests, Enchanting & Much More!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another devblog update! There have been lots of amazing things added and changed these last weeks and now let's talk about them!

Wizards tower
As you can see from the main image, our builders have been hard at work on the wizards tower and we are proud to release it to the live server this week!
A big thanks to the builders for this, it looks truly amazing.

New Quests
After spending countless hours work, Dablakbandit managed to add two new quests this week! Prince Ali Rescue and Imp Catcher!
You can start Prince Ali Rescue by speaking to Hassan in Al Kharid and Imp Catcher by speaking to Wizard Mizgog at the top of the newly built Wizards Tower.

Devblog #12 Grand Exchange Updates, Dragonhide Crafting & More!
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Devblog #12 Grand Exchange Updates, Dragonhide Crafting & More!

Welcome back to another devblog! It's been more than a month since the last one due to many factors and I apologize for this however I have hired somebody to write the devblogs!

Hey guys! My name is portego and I will be writing the devblogs so bandit has more time to work on university and updates! I look forward to writing about the new things that he is working on.

Now lets get right into the updates!

Dragonhide Crafting
The ability to make dragonhide armours is now ingame! These are currently best in slot ranging gear if you can gear your hands on it.
There are a total of 4 dragonhide sets that require increasing requirements to make and wear however, only green dragonhide is currently ingame.
  • Green dhide: 63 crafting, 40...
Skin contest vote
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Vote for the best community created skin!

You can look forward to seeing these skins used around the world of MineScape
The poll ends next Friday update so casts your votes!
Feel free to create more skins for us <3

All applicants will get a designer badge in-game!

  • 1st place: $20USD Paypal or Store credit
  • 2nd place: $15 store credit
  • 3rd place: $10 store credit
  • 4th place: 4 Treasure chests
  • 5th place: 4 Treasure chests
Our contestants are as follows:




Devblog #11 Falador, Skill Capes & More!
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Welcome back to another dev blog! It has been two weeks since the last update, due to many factors, and from now on we will be switching to a two week update schedule. But don't worry, much progress has been made!
Let's get right into the update, you will be sure to like this one!

Our builders have done such a great job building the newest town on the server map! It looks amazing and is better than I could have ever imagined, the amount of detail put into each building has been well worth the wait.
Most of the content for the town is yet to be added such as quests and npcs. I will be working hard till the next update to add as much as I can, but for now the bankers are operational and of course the Falador mines are open for use.
Who knows what secrets the deep mines keep.....