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DevBlog #20 - Ironman Mode, Dungeons & Glitched Chests
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Brilliant work has been done to get this update out to everyone, the team has been working hard and you get the see the results!

Areas Released
The frosty Asgarnian Ice Dungeon has been completed in the southern point of Port Sarim. Beware of the icy monsters that guard this underground cavern, they will fiercly attack with their frozen weapons, attempting to lead you into a chilly death. A scarf cosmetic might keep you warm.

Due to this areas release, you will now be able to complete The Knights Sword quest, by mining Blurite in the dungeon.

Be cautious in the new Edgeville Dungeon, demons lurk deep in the northern caves, beasts never been seen in this realm.

Replacing the old dungeons is one more accurate and contains all the correct mobs in place. This area does lead into the wilderness so make sure you keep your eye out for other players...
DevBlog #19 - Skilling 99s, Quests, Clues, & Skulling
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From quests to clues to binding spells and skulling, this update brings many additions, fixes, & additional content! The team has been hard at work to get these updates out for you, so when you can please thank them for their hard work <3.
Now let's get into the update!

Skills 99 Achievement
Long requested is a way to celebrate the reaching of 99 in a skill, and now it's here!
Upon reaching 99 in a skill, fireworks will randomly spawn around you to show off your great achievement! Messages will also be broadcast to the world as an alert and chat message. The message will also be broadcast in the #server-alerts Discord channel.
We are looking forward to many 99 parties being held across the server!

New Quests!
This update brings 3 new quests (we are waiting on a few key areas for one, but you are able to...
Devblog #18 The Wilderness, PVP & New Mobs
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Welcome to another blog update, thanks for your patience as we work hard on updates for everyone. We know you will all enjoy!

First, but not least
I would like to specially thank our team of builders and modelers, who continue to grow and learn.

Coblekay - For her patience in teaching the new builders.

Parzzzzz, Sjeffery, Pyro & Emory - Building the wilderness in an amazing amount of time!

iChrisToffee, KingChris, NoobForLunch - Creating the amazing models making mobs this update possible.

And the rest of the team, all giving their best to the server, so please thank them when you get the chance <3

The Wilderness

Big change this update is the release of the wilderness PVP region. Along with a number of new mobs, introducing new drops and locations to explore. It will change the way the game is played and your interactions with others.


MineScape Origins

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For the new people that are joining us over the past few weeks, and to old players who have stuck with us through everything.

We appreciate you all and wish you well on this amazing journey that we are undertaking, recreating a beloved game inside many others beloved game.

This will be an informal, but a rather informational post about the history of MineScape, its conception & origins. We knew a day would come when we would have to explain our rocky start, and due to false rumors by certain people we hoped had better judgement, people who gave up their rights to have a say a long time ago. Its finally here.

The origins:

The server would be born, when I responded to a forum request for a developer to create what we now all know and love: MineScape.

Our collective goal in mind: recreate as close as possible, RuneScape in Minecraft. From a user who which, I'd had a few interactions with previously, but would deny his identity for a good while to come, as it...
Devblog #17 Small Updates, A New World and Loads of Players!
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Devblog #17 Small Updates, A New World and Loads of Players!

Man has this week been crazy! The server has exploded in popularity maintaining almost 20+ players constantly! I'm sure everyone has had a great time meeting each other and discovering the world of MineScape! I hope you guys have had a great week so far, now let's get into these updates!

This big popularity explosion is due to FlippingOldschool's video that covers MineScape! We would like to personally thank him because MineScape feels so much better and alive with all the new people trading and competing for resources. If you wanna support him you can watch the video he made here!

World 2
Another world server has been added being world 2! This allows the server load to be distributed between the servers, allowing materials to be gathered easier due to...