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Devblog #11 Falador, Skill Capes & More!

Welcome back to another dev blog! It has been two weeks since the last update, due to many factors, and from now on we will be switching to a two week update schedule. But don't worry, much progress has been made!
Let's get right into the update, you will be sure to like this one!

Our builders have done such a great job building the newest town on the server map! It looks amazing and is better than I could have ever imagined, the amount of detail put into each building has been well worth the wait.
Most of the content for the town is yet to be added such as quests and npcs. I will be working hard till the next update to add as much as I can, but for now the bankers are operational and of course the Falador mines are open for use.
Who knows what secrets the deep mines keep.....

Following last update we have had more models made and they are just fantastic! Our modeler has been working very hard on these and is gaining so much experience working on them, meaning even more great models in future.
Many locations for spawns need to be added, so please report them on the trello and they will be added swiftly.

Skill Capes
Skill capes have been made in preparation for people getting closer and closer to reaching 99! Announcements, sounds & animations will be made for when a user reaches 99, as it will be a big cause of celebration!

Lastly I would like to apologize for my absence, I have been working hard in the background with some minor issues. I don't usually share personal stuff with many people, but this deserves an explanation.
As many of you know I went on holiday after the last update for roughly a week, which was very fun. Got to catch up with the co-owner and see the beautiful city of Christchurch, also had not been on a plane in a very long time so was a great experience overall.
Shortly after returning from my trip, I started having pains in my back and needed to rest for a few days and university also started up again. Just been trying to relax and recover my back, seems to mostly be a posture thing and after some medication it has come right.
Moving forward I will try and be more open with the community about what is going on behind the scenes. I have recently purchased a Surface Pro for University, meaning I can work on the server whenever and wherever!

Other Changes
  • Region maker complete rewrite for optimization
  • Remove old commands
  • Skill capes
  • Rabit, Skeleton, Zombie companions
  • Enable/Disable AI on mobs
  • Hitbox modifications for mobs
  • Fixes for arrows exp
  • Aubury now allows shift left/right clicking for instant teleport/opening of shop