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Devblog #12 Grand Exchange Updates, Dragonhide Crafting & More!

Devblog #12 Grand Exchange Updates, Dragonhide Crafting & More!

Welcome back to another devblog! It's been more than a month since the last one due to many factors and I apologize for this however I have hired somebody to write the devblogs!

Hey guys! My name is portego and I will be writing the devblogs so bandit has more time to work on university and updates! I look forward to writing about the new things that he is working on.

Now lets get right into the updates!

Dragonhide Crafting
The ability to make dragonhide armours is now ingame! These are currently best in slot ranging gear if you can gear your hands on it.
There are a total of 4 dragonhide sets that require increasing requirements to make and wear however, only green dragonhide is currently ingame.
  • Green dhide: 63 crafting, 40 def and range to wear
  • Blue dhide: 71 crafting, 40 def 50 range to wear
  • Red dhide: 77 crafting, 40 def 60 range to wear
  • Black dhide: 84 crafting, 40 def 70 range to wear

Grand Exchange Updates
The grand exchange now has a guide price for actively traded items allowing for people to easily find out what an item is worth
Players are also able to have a total of 6 offers in the grand exchange while members may have unlimited.
Members may use the buttons highlighted here to see all their offers.

Scrapping Duplicate Rewards
The ability to scrap duplicate rewards into platinum tokens has been added ingame! In the future, these tokens will allow you to purchase chests and other cosmetic items.
Common items can be scrapped for 60 tokens, Rare items for 75 tokens while Legendary items scrap for 100! It is planned that in the future you will be able to purchase chests using 100 tokens.

A bossbar has been added to the top of the screen and will be customize-able in future updates to show whatever you want.

The modeler has been hard at work and now we have beautiful amulet models that will display on your character!

Other Changes
  • Changed double xp to be 2 hours instead of 3
  • Removed Iban blast
  • Removed compass command & added to general stores
  • Removed multiple duplicate messages
  • Added trello command
  • Added item stacking on ground
  • Added coal bag at Drogos Mining Emporium
  • Added dragon bones to prayer skill packs
  • Added sounds on more actions
  • Added animation for falling trees
  • Fixed Shift clicking invisible items
  • Fixed NPC Pathing over pressure plates
  • Fixed many item names & alch prices
  • Fixed prayer
  • Fixed green dhide chaps requirements
  • Fixed plenty of bugs
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