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Devblog #13 Wizards Tower, New Quests, Enchanting & Much More!

Devblog #13 Wizards Tower, New Quests, Enchanting & Much More!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another devblog update! There have been lots of amazing things added and changed these last weeks and now let's talk about them!

Wizards tower
As you can see from the main image, our builders have been hard at work on the wizards tower and we are proud to release it to the live server this week!
A big thanks to the builders for this, it looks truly amazing.

New Quests
After spending countless hours work, Dablakbandit managed to add two new quests this week! Prince Ali Rescue and Imp Catcher!
You can start Prince Ali Rescue by speaking to Hassan in Al Kharid and Imp Catcher by speaking to Wizard Mizgog at the top of the newly built Wizards Tower.

Magic Enchanting & Superheat
New magic spells have been added! You will now be able to enchant the many forms of jewelry and superheat ores with the correct runes! However, only amulets have their stats currently implemented with the rest coming next update!

Realtime Map
A website has been made that is an updating map of the world of MineScape! This map will show player locations and you can access it at

Music Website
On the topic of websites, another has been made that automatically plays music while you walk around the world of MineScape! You can use it by typing /music in game and clicking the link button to open in your browser.

Free Treasure Chest
As a thank you to all current players and to interest new players in the cosmetics system we are offering everyone a free chest! Go claim it on the store!

Discord Chat Relay
A channel has been made in the servers discord that will relay server chat and events to it! You can join the discord at

Grand Exchange Updates
The grand exchange has been changed and now you will be able to have 8 slots instead of 6! The arrows have also been moved to make it clearer to members that they have unlimited slots.

Other Changes
  • Fixed text for Fred the Farmer
  • Fixed guide prices
  • Fixed getting kicked when opening skill packs
  • Fixed crossbow fletching
  • Fixed getting kicked when opening compass
  • Changed antiafk to kick to hub
  • Added fletching by right clicking knife
  • Added special scoreboard colours on names for mods, members and admins
  • Added left click start to most skills
  • Added latest level option to xp bar
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