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Devblog #15 Guilds, Trimmed Capes, New Sounds & More!

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a great week so far! Today is a great day as we have amazing updates coming to the world of MineScape! Sorry about the blog post being a couple hours late. Now, let's get right into the changes!

We have some amazing new places to skill due to the amazing work of the building team! Players can now explore the Mining Guild, the Cooking Guild and the Champions Guild once you get the requirements for them!

Trimmed Capes
Anybody with two 99s can wear beautiful trimmed 99 capes! The modeler has done an amazing job with these and they will look great on anyone. You can get trimmed capes for 990,000 gold pieces by speaking to Mac north of the entrance to the grand exchange.

Thieving Update
Thieving has received a small update. Players with the correct levels will now be able to thieve wines on the stall in Draynor village with more places coming soon!

Changing Spawn Location
You can now change your spawn location by talking to Krystilia in the northeast of Edgeville and paying her 500,000 GP! Currently, you can change your spawn location to Lumbridge, Falador and Edgeville.

Projectiles when ranging
New projectiles have been added for arrows and bolts, when you shoot at an NPC you will get to see the arrow fly at them!

Ice Mountain
The beautiful looking Ice Mountain has been added and you can find it west of Edgeville. The builders have done an amazing job on this and it is a great place to take amazing looking screenshots.

Platinum Tokens
A shop has been added where players can spend platinum tokens for unique rewards. Using /platinumtokens, you can only get treasure chests and the amazing looking team cape zero.

Duplicate Rewards & Store
Along with scrapping added in the last update, duplicate rewards are now able to be gifted to friends! Head to a treasure chest and go into your vault to be able to gift.

To go along with the platinum tokens store and scrapping there is 20% off discount on the store right now! Ends monday so get in quick.

New Sounds
Some new sounds have been added for fletching, picking up items, thieving and gem cutting! These sounds will make the MineScape experience more true to RuneScape.
A referral system has been added to encourage players to invite friends to MineScape! After completing tutorial island, new players can use the command /refer (name) to grant 50 platinum tokens to them self and 10 to the person that referred them.
Smaller Changes
  • Fixed holograms spawning
  • Fixed brother brace on the compass
  • Fixed amulet of accuracy for imp catcher quest
  • Fixed &u chat colour to gold
  • Fixed daily reward timer
  • Added ice fiend pet
  • Added 1-9 keypress for skilling
  • Changed mobs de-aggroing after not being attacked for a short amount of time
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