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MineScape's biggest update yet! Morytania's Mort Myre Swamp expansion, Barrows minigame, a new Quest, Emotes and so much more!
A massive thanks to the team, patreon backers and viewers, your support has made this update possible. So let us get right into it.

Barrows Minigame​

Fearless ancient warriors of Saradomin, lie abandoned and entombed in their crypts deep in the swamplands of Morytania. Awaiting adventurers to challenge them for the precious treasures they guard. Which of you will take them on?
  • Ahrim the Blighted: Known for his casting of magic upon his enemies, draining their strength.
  • Dharok the Wretched: A mighty hard-hitting berserker. Damaging Dharok enrages him even more.
  • Guthan the Infested: Beware of the sharp point on his spear, it will drain your life and heal his.
  • Karil the Tainted: The crossbow-wielding sharpshooter, you can't run from this one.
  • Torag the Corrupted: Try to avoid his hammers as he pummels you into the ground.
  • Verac the Defiled: He cares little for your defences or prayers.
Highly requested and long-awaited, a big push has been made to include the Barrows Brothers and their unique interactions for this update. Providing new best in slot gear for many adventurers, you are sure to see many of them check this out on release.
To go along with the release the amazing Busy_GamerRS, with the help of myself and LoreOSRS have created an epic release video.

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Mort Myre Swamp​

Everyone's favourite swamp has expanded! Bringing with it new mobs, a new quest, new fishing spots and most importantly a pathway to Barrows.
The builders alongside the modelers have absolutely knocked this area out of the park, so be sure to thank them when you see them online. Take a look at the comparison photo of Mort'ton and Barrows areas!
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You will be required to have started the Nature Spirit Quest before entering the swamp from the north. There is a longer route through the haunted woods to the northeast which doesn't have this requirement.
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Nature Spirit Quest​

The Mort Myre Swamp wouldn't be complete without the Filliman Tarlock and his nature grotto, meaning for this update we bring to you the Nature Spirit quest.
Start the quest by speaking to Drezel in the Paterdomus basement, you will first need to of completed Priest in Peril. Drezel has lost contact with his friend Filliman and wants you to take him some food.
After this you will be allowed to pass through the gate into the Mort Myre Swamp in search of Filliman.
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We are always wanting to include more features from OSRS. With a special thanks to Jetta, we now have working emotes!
All the default emotes have been included in this update. To select them, go into your inventory, click the cosmetics button and select emotes. Alternatively, each emote has its respective command eg '/yawn'.
Having these emotes in the game will make way for more clue scrolls types to be added, so keep an eye out for those in a future update.
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Construction Pre-release​

Next up on the roadmap is the release of the Construction skill. Whilst this may be a ways off due to the complexity of the skill, great progress has already been made and we are on track for releasing it in the near future.
To help ready players for the skill, the sawmill and its shop have been implemented. You may also smith nails from bars and the required level. Having this in-game will allow players to get their supplies ready for when the skill releases.
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New Spells!​

Seven new spells have been added this update: Confuse, Curse, Enfeeble, Stun, Vulnerability, Weaken and lastly Teleblock.
With the new effects from the Barrows gear being added, this allowed for the curse spells to be implemented easily. Curse spells lower an enemys stats, making them easier to kill. The spells work on both players and monsters.
Fear any level of wilderness with the addition of the Teleblock spell. As the name suggests, when cast upon your foe's they will be unable to teleport away from the fight. This effect lasts 5 minutes, or 2 minutes 30 seconds when protect from magic is being used.
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Falador Party Room​

Want to host an item giveaway, or just have some fun? Head on down to the Falador party room today for some balloon popping activities and more!
To start the party room event, place the items for the drop party into the chest. Once everyone is ready to begin, pull the lever beside the chest, doing so will cost 1,000gp.
After 1-minute balloons (currently Halloween masks), will start to spawn in the room and drop to the ground, where players can click to pop them and receive their prizes! Drop parties worth over 76,000gp will be announced on all worlds for everyone to know when to join in.
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Tutorial Island Changes​

To better help new players, changes have been made to tutorial island, alongside Rendi the tutorial island reset tutor has been added.
The default spawn location has been moved to be facing the MineScape guide directly, instead of facing towards the door. Additionally, multiple holograms have been added to aid players on finding objectives such as the range for the cook, ore locations and more.
For players wishing to train pure accounts, you will no longer have to worry about gaining levels on the tutorial. Rendi has been added at the end of the tutorial island to reset progress made in any skills. So make sure to talk to him before leaving.
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Mob Kill Tracker​

Wanting to see how many green dragons you have killed? Now you can, using the mob kill counter and tracker!
From now on kills will be counted for each mob and can be viewed in /mobs, if you wish to track the current sessions kills you may right click to clear the tracker. I know many of you will find this addition to the game useful.
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Edgeville Monastery​

The original Edgeville Monastery building was incorrectly sized, but thanks to the amazing players from the community, this has now been corrected! Built on stream with viewers, it is now a sight to behold.
Additional changes also include the monk's robe spawns for their prayer bonus, and the ability to ask the monks if they could heal you.
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Improved Transmogs​

Being difficult to use and unable to remove transmogs, the whole system has been overhauled. You are now able to save multiple transmogs and clear the current transmog, allowing for easier switching of transmogs. They can be found alongside the emotes in the cosmetics inventory, or via '/transmog'.
We are looking forward to being able transmog the remaining parts of your armour, capes, amulets & weapons. The cost has also remained the same, but this may also change.
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Patreon Pet​

Patreon backers this month have voted for the Owl by the amazing EnderSven. Once again we appreciate all the support and hope everyone is enjoying the Construction testing on the test server.
If you wish to join the backers in supporting us, you can do so over at
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Team Members​

The team is always growing as we continue to expand the server. Along with this massive update, we would like to announce and introduce new faces to the team, as well as current ones being promoted.
A warm welcome to the following: damneasy, Lord_Dungeon and Tyrrel as new helpers, you will see them with their helper crowns. In addition over on our builders team, we see Zygeno extend their talents to assisting us deliver high quality projects, along with new team member CubeBlockz!
Newly promoted team member: Zygeno, after their amazing time as a Helper, have been promoted to the Mod team. Thanks to them for helping keep the community clean and informed.

Final Note​

The reason for the delay on this update was due to many factors. As the year winds down, many of the teams lives have been busier than normal and this was not helped with some of the members suddenly being hospitalized (myself included).
We are all back in good health, hopefully with less on our plates. We should move back into the more consistent update cycle. With so many good additions coming soon, this is sure to be a good end to a troubled year.

Coming soon​

  • Construction Skill
  • Skilling Pets
  • Hiscores Website
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  • Added elemental wizards
  • Added notable to /items
  • Added noted search to /items
  • Added /loot barrows
  • Added missing items to farming shops
  • Added unfired plant pot
  • Added shift click to Jatix herblore store
  • Added slimy eel & dark crab fishing
  • Added pie shop
  • Fixed opening transmog from cosmetics inventory
  • Fixed potion merging
  • Fixed discord links
  • Fixed message issue with promoting in clans
  • Fixed forums, map, bugs & wiki command tab completion
  • Fixed Canifis clothing wearables
  • Fixed cooking seaweed
  • Fixed Gaius' Two Handed Shop
  • Fixed not receiving empty plant pot
  • Fixed log fire burn length
  • Fixed knife holding for fletching
  • Fixed altar of guthix prayer restore
  • Fixed dynmap not showing players
  • Fixed slayer ring teleport in wilderness
  • Fixed tanner in Canifis
  • Fixed removing farming trees
  • Fixed combat reset timer
  • Fixed some slayer mobs not being detected
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