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The time is here! The team has been working really hard to get this update out and is very excited to present the new skill Construction! There are also some new areas to explore, a new quest and many fixes and additions to the Minescape world.

The amount of support given drives us to keep releasing quality content such as this. We appreciate everyone who participates in helping us deliver.

Construction Release​

Continuing with the roadmap, a big push in this update is the initial release of the Construction skill. A massive thanks to the modellers for making so many amazing models for each of the rooms. This roadmap update could not have been done without them.

Make sure to bring a hammer, planks and a saw when starting your house building adventure. Level up to unlock new and fancier furniture, more rooms and land to build on. Having your house located in Rimmington, you may use Phials at the general store nearby to quickly un-note your planks, instead of walking back to a bank.

To start work on your house, talk with the Estate Agent in Varrock. Here you can purchase a plot of magical land for the low low price of 1,000gp, accessible by the house portal in Rimmington. After which, you may talk to the Estate Agent again to switch the portal location, or to change the style of your house depending on your Construction level.

Servants and more room interactions will be in upcoming updates, so start building your house today!

(video) Styles, Building, Estate Agent, Phials, Lumberyard, Portal location, Usages eg Barrows repair

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Zanaris Expansion​

Two roadmap completions in one update! Zanaris, a map expansion, is now here to explore.

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Zanaris is a mystical place and is located on the moon of Gielinor. Home to the fairies, these lands bring many a great new feature! Including a bank, new cosmic runecrafting altar, Chaeldar the new slayer master, a general store and the Zanaris market, which is home to Jukat's store for dragon daggers and longswords.

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Lost City Quest​

Unlocking the way into Zanaris is the Lost City quest! It can be started in the Lumbridge Swamp and will take you on a journey to the Isle of Entrana and its dangerous dungeon, then resulting in you finding the beautiful lands of Zanaris. Can you find the city before the campers?

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This quest is a pre-cursor to the fairy ring teleportation quests, which would be a great unlock for many players. We are hoping to get work towards these quests soon, but for now, the only entrance is through the shed in the swamp. Although you may exit via a fairy ring, teleport you to behind the Al-Kharid bank from the market area.

Teleporting from the Abyss into the Zanaris cosmic altar is only possible once the quest has been completed, to ensure the city stays hidden without your prior knowledge.

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Easter 2021 Event​

Gregg the bunny seems to be a bit down, He wants to be a special bunny, but everybody just keeps calling him cute! He'll tell you that due to MineScape's associate of rabbits with Easter, it's difficult for him to be taken seriously in his other adventures. Maybe you can cheer him up by helping him out with an Easter plan he has in mind. You may find him located in Draynor Village just outside Ned's house. Luckily for everyone, you don't need to wait till Easter to enjoy an Easter event!

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Mining Changes​

A new high-level mine has been added to the Mining guild. You may now mine amethyst, a high level crafting gem used for making newly added amethyst bolts and arrows. These can take some time to mine, but the price of amethyst will be in demand for rangers wanting to increase their max hits.

In time for Construction, the limestone mine between Varrock and Paterdomus has been implemented. Make sure to bring a chisel to craft them into bricks as you may end up breaking some whilst chiselling.

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Magic Changes​

The ability to cast some magic spells without a staff has now been added. You may now cast a fireball directly from your hands.

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Changes to bryophyta's staff makes it able to be crafted and the ability to store nature rune charges. When using a nature rune charge it has a 1/15 chance to not cosume the charge, making it more cost effective while casting alchemy spells and some combat spells.

Magic staffs will also no longer incorrectly autocast some spells, such as the curse and binding spells.

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Bank Changes​

Requested on the roadmap was the ability to deposit your equipment accessories such as, necklace and amulet in the banking interface. This was already possible from a deposit box interface, so adding the ability to the bank interface is a nice addition.

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Rogues Den​

Adding functionality to the Rogues Den, this update brings additions to the thieving skill. With level 50 thieving you may attempt the crack open a safe to steal what's inside. If you fail it will deal a fair amount of damage, so be sure to bring some food with you!

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Martin Thwait now runs a Lost and Found general store in the Rogues Den, which can be accessed with either 50 thieving and agility or just 99 thieving. I wonder where he gets his items from...

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Giant Mole Changes​

Having trouble finding the mole after he burrows away? No need to fear, the message sent in chat has been changed to include the direction he has dug. Using this knowledge and the compass added on your hud in the last update, your mole killing days will go faster.

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Wyson has agreed to allow trading mole skins and claws for his precious bird's nests. You may now trade them individually or noted with him for nests or boxes. The seed nests traded from him will have a differing drop table than regular seed nests.

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Is the Mole covering you in dirt and extinguishing your light source? Smith today your very own bullseye lantern, oil lantern oil lamp and never have to worry again! After smithing one of the above, use it with the oil still and swamp tar in Rimmington to complete the crafting recipe. Both the bullseye and oil lantern are light sources that will not be extinguished by the mole when he burrows, meaning you will no longer need to bring a tinderbox down with you.

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Farming Changes​

Farming yields have been adjusted and is now using the same rates as OSRS. This means that some crops may yield less, but on average they will yield more as you level up the skill.

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With the newly added farming tool storage, you can now store many items by speaking with the tool leprechaun. He will store farming tools such as rakes, spades, seed dibbers, watering can and more for you on request.

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With the amazing building being done by our Build Team, East Ardougne is looking fantastic for the next update! This city has many amazing features that we are sure you can't wait for us to bring. We will be working our best to bring this update very soon but for now, here's a sneak peek.

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  • Add moss giants to Krystilia tasks
  • Add clay rocks to Dwarven Mine
  • Add bone drops to boneyard
  • Add druid pouch ghast interaction
  • Add King scorpion Dwarven Mine
  • Add 3d models, saw, shears, knife, fishing rods
  • Add /home for home teleport
  • Add /killcount for checking killcount
  • Fix Bones to Bananas not taking different bones
  • Fix safespotting with melee
  • Fix lumbridge willow tree design
  • Fix gargoyle coin drops
  • Fix drop party value amount
  • Fix charge dragonstone jewellery
  • Fix rune essence pouch degrading message
  • Fix rune essence pouch requirement message
  • Fix daily quest exp
  • Fix slayer extend display
  • Fix cake not eating into thirds
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