DevBlog #34 East Ardougne, 3 New Quests, Fishing Guild, Collection Log & Much, Much More



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We are already halfway through the year and the MineScape team has been hard at work to bring yet another amazing update! With a map expansion to the west, 3 new quests to explore, and much more, let's get into it.


A hotspot for many activities, the release of East Ardougne and its surrounding areas are finally here. A big thanks to our builders for doing an amazing job for this whole update.

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The Ardougne marketplace contains various stalls from which you can both trade and use your thieving skills to collect new items. Along with the stalls, are two additional stores within Ardougne and also an inn to enjoy some of the new beer effects.

  • Gem Stall
  • Bakery Stalls
  • Silver Stall
  • Silk Stalls
  • Spice Stall
  • Fur Stall
  • General Store
  • Zenesha's Platebody Shop
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Farming Patches​

Just off the path, as you head towards East Ardougne from Seers Village, you will find the new farming herb, flower, and allotment patches, watched over by gardener Kragen. To the south of the city, you will also find a new bush patch with Tyrrel... oops, I mean, Torrell nearby.

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Ardougne Zoo​

MineScape's latest attraction is here! Come visit all of Gielnor's exotic animals and beasts at the Ardougne Zoo! Be careful not to get too close to those grubby monkeys. Also... don't ask about how we got snow here, we don't know either...

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Essence Mine​

Wizard Cromperty is offering his services to teleport you to the essence mine from his house in East Ardougne, provided you have completed Rune Mysteries, that is.

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Fishing Guild​

Adding another guild onto the list, the Fishing Guild is ready for players to do some... fishy business. With 20 fishing spots, a bank, and shop, the guild has everything a fisherman needs! It comes with an invisible +7 boost to your fishing, so you'll catch fish at a faster rate.

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Home to Ezekial Lovecraft, with his fishing shop and a story to be told, the area of Witchaven is located just to the east of Ardougne. Something does seem to be a little off, though...

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H.A.M. Hideout​

There are some strange people dressed in pink capes and robes walking around in a cave near Lumbridge. The notorious Humans Against Monsters organisation has stumbled into the realm.

The hideout is a great place for players to train their Theiving, with the chance of recieving items for the H.A.M. outfit and easy clue scrolls. Be careful, though! They don't always like being touched! Wearing each part of the H.A.M. outfit lowers the chance of being kicked from the hideout when caught.

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With the ever expanding map we aim to keep bringing players more quests and unlocks. This update introduces 3 more quests for everyone to enjoy.

Vampire Slayer​

A vampyre has been causing distress in Draynor Village and Morgan requires your help to defeat it. Maybe a clove of garlic or two will help keep him at bay. Granting a fair amount of Attack experience, Vampyre Slayer is a good early game quest to complete.

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Ernest The Chicken​

Don't you hate it when you are helping with an experiment and you get turned into a chicken? The poor Veronica has lost her dear Ernest, he was last seen entering Draynor Manor to help the professor. She needs your help to investigate what happened to him. At least he wasn't in one of Dr. Fenkenstrain's experiments...

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Demon Slayer​

Gypsy Aris in Varrock has had a vision regarding magic users outside the city entrance to the south. Not liked for their aggressive nature, the dark wizards are planning something devious, and it is up to you to stop them!

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Tired of making planks and fetching them from your bank while working on your glorious home? The servants guild in Ardougne has available servants for hire! They offer services such as unnoting and fetching items from the bank, along with plank making from the lumbermill. This means you never have to make another trip again!

There are 5 servants to choose from, each requiring a higher construction level and costing more coins to hire. Each of them also have different action speeds and item capacity.

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You can now invite friends to your POH for a construction party! When clicking on a house portal you may visit other online players when they are at home. If you only want friends to be able to visit your house, you can click on your own house portal and set your visiting rules. Unlike the other game, Ironmen are able to visit others' houses, but will be restricted against using the stat-boosting portions of the house and teleportation features.

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The costume room is now fit for use. Once the room is built and has furniture, you will be able to store certain items such as:

  • Armour
  • Capes
  • Outfits
  • Holiday rewards
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Along with the new patches in Ardougne, there have been some changes to Farming. We have implemented the highly requested compost bins for your extra produce. Located at all farming patches with allotment spots, you can fill them up with those nasty weeds, and maybe some other items as well! Once filled, the process will take 35 minutes to turn into compost.

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Other changes include berry bushes now giving variable amounts and the tool leprechaun now being stationary, making him easier to interact with.


Massive changes to the Magic and Ranged attacks have been completed. Projectiles will now be delayed based on the distance to the target, and are no longer able to go through walls. You can still shoot over some barriers such as fences and low walls, but this goes both ways, with mobs being able to do the same.

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This is a huge step towards implementing some boss mechanics we wish to have soon, such as the Crazy Archaeologist's projectile books. The cape of skulls has also been implemented. When equipped, the cape will skull you for 20 minutes.

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Collection Log​

With the addition of the collection log, you are now able to track items received from some tasks and bosses. Current available entries are Barrows, Bryophyta, Obor, Giant Mole, and clue scrolls: easy rewards & shared rewards. You can view the collection log by doing /collectionlog

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Swamp boaty​

What could this seemingly deserted boat in the swamp lands near Canifis have to offer? How about a quick trip down to the town of Mort'ton, near the Barrows Brothers, heck yeah!

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Belona, as well as her shop, both have been added to the Mining Guild. When mining ores in the Mining Guild, you will have the chance to obtain Unidentified Minerals, which can be traded with her for Mining gloves, a Soft clay pack or Bag full of gems.

There are three levels of gloves. Normal and superior are able to be purchased for minerals. Then while speaking with Belona, you can exchange the normal and superior gloves for expert mining gloves. When worn, there is a chance for an ore to not be depleted when mining, with each level of glove providing a higher chance.

When opening a Bag full of gems, you will recieve an assortment of 40 gems each with different rarities. There is a 1/100,000,000 chance that you will recieve the server's first uncut onyx!

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Some npcs had gone missing from the development version, and we have hopefully respawned them all. However, if any are missing, please inform a staff member, so it can be fixed right away!

Whilst some areas have been added, they are currently inaccessible, such as the Legends' Guild and Keep Le Faye. These areas will be made available in time with the respective quests, but for now, they do look amazing.

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  • Added Asyff Fancy Clothes Store
  • Added Aberrant Spectre to slayer extend
  • Added icon for multi combat in wilderness
  • Added farming bush variable harvest
  • Added Sheep alongside Rams
  • Fixed Construction not able to enter house after deconstructing portal
  • Fixed Master Farmer theiving variable amounts
  • Fixed death items not degrading when kept
  • Fixed character names not saving to player
  • Fixed exp tracker from login
  • Fixed farming spawning too many npc's
  • Fixed lighting items from removing tinderbox
  • Fixed compost potion not giving vial
  • Fixed dramen staff not wieldable
  • Removed greater demons from Chaeldar tasks