DevBlog #39 Yanille Map Expansion, Hand in the Sand Quest and much more



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Welcome back to another MineScape update! With many exciting changes and content to explore.

Yanille Map Expansion​

Our latest massive map expansion from south of Ardougne down to Yanille, bringing with it many areas.

Areas built include:
  • Yanille
  • Battlefield
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Ourania Altar
  • Fight Arena (Quest locked)
  • Port Khazard (Trader Crewmember Ship)
  • Castle Wars (Ring of dueling teleport)

Players with the required construction level can move their houses to Yanille for fast teleport access.

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Hand in the Sand Quest​

The humble Sandman of Yanille has a predicament on his hands.... a hand he found in the sand. Would you be so generous as to lend him a hand? To start, head your way to west Yanille and speak to Bert in his home.

Completion of the quest allows the player to talk to Bert once a day (UTC) and have 84 buckets of sand deposited into the player's bank, note that Ultimate ironmen will not be able to do so as they don't have access to the bank. Another perk on completion is access to the rune shop inside the Wizards' Guild detailed below.

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Improved Quest Interface​

Improvements to the quests interface are in full effect. After utilizing '/quest' or clicking the quest book in your inventory, at a glance, you can now quickly view your completion, progress or ability to start each quest.

Completed quests are in green, in-progress quests are yellow, blue quests mean you meet the requirements to start the quest, and black marks quests that you haven't started and don't meet the requirements.

Additionally, opening the quest details menu will now display all the requirements you need to achieve before starting a quest.

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Everyone's favourite skill Runecrafting has a new altar! The Ourania altar (otherwise known as ZMI) provides a way to craft many of the rune types except combination and wrath runes.

Banking at the altar is unique, speaking with Eniola at the altar entrance, requires payment of 20 runes to access your bank. To help with the addition of ZMI, see the banking updates noted below.

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Teak tree​

To the southwest of Castle Wars, sneaking in at the edge of the map is our first teak tree ready to be chopped down for its logs. Most commonly used to be made into teak planks, these new planks will unlock many construction furniture to build.

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Wizards' Guild​

In the middle of Yanille standing tall is the Wizards Guild, requiring 66 Magic to enter, it is home to many notable wizards.

Zavistic Rarve is part of the Hand in the Sand Quest and can be summoned from outside by clicking the bell. Wizard Distentor will teleport you to the rune essence mine, which is the closest one to a bank. Wizard Sinina runs the Mystic Robes store. After the completion of the quest, Wizard Akutha will grant you access to the Runes and Staves store.

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Smoke Devils​

These smokey devils have moved in under the castle wars arena, unfortunately we currently do not have an area with the slayer master required, with the closest being Nieve in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

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Chat is now shared between the player worlds with testing (patreon) and staff worlds, meaning no matter when we are on we can lend a helping hand.

New banking features have been implemented! With the ability to fill your essence pouched from the bank, which is great for the Ourania Altar. Additionally, the bank search feature is now fully functional!

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Notable new patches for the Farmers in the game are the Yanille Hops and Tree Gnome Fruit Tree.

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The development of the Hand in the Sand quest was immensely sped up with our dialogue editor, so look forward to seeing more quest updates down the line.

Regarding updates, with every update so far containing a large amount of content, this has slowed the time between updates. The team have discussed the possibility of smaller updates that would contain more specific and targeted. Allowing us to focus on specific content alongside faster bug fixes reported by the community. We are looking for feedback from the community on this suggestion, so hop in the Discord and let us know your thoughts.


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  • Add bryophyta cave exit.
  • Add Zanaris Agility Shortcuts - Regorty.
  • Fix shift icon in inventories not displaying correctly.
  • Fix eating edible sweets.
  • Fix Arhein's store to be a general store.
  • Fix hiscores head names to not be bold text.
  • Fix barrows duplicate item drops - Slayer10300.
  • Fix Ardougne Archer drops - Zero_DotV.
  • Fix Taverley fountain water source - boredompwndu.
  • Fix dragonfruit tree's not being plantable - boredompwndu.
  • Fix cooking bowls to not consume bowl - boredompwndu.
  • Fix making dough bugs - Effigyluza.
  • Fix Chaeldar not giving greater demon tasks - Effigyluza.
  • Fix Max Hits for multiple mobs - Effigyluza, Xariasa.
  • Fix Grandpa Jack not selling rods - mundareth.
  • Fix cup of teas attack bonus - Regorty.
  • Fix moving construction location not requiring levels.
  • Improve NPC movement.
  • Change /wiki to point to the new wiki:
  • Remove message from altar blocks that aren't runecrafting - boredompwndu.
  • Remove coin/mithril sword from construction rusty sword repair - Regorty.