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Vanilla minecraft 1.13-1.14
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Joining the Server

Welcome to the MineScape Community

This guide will help you join our wonderful server

Step 1: Download and run minecraft java edition
Step 2: Using latest release 1.14.4 click play
Step 3: Once the game loads click multiplayer, then click Add Server
Step 4: Input the following info (image below)

Server Name: MineScape
Server Address:
Server Resource Packs: Enabled
Step 5: Click done, select the server and click Join Server. The resourcepack may take a few seconds to download.
Step 6: Once in the lobby right click the server selector and click World 1
Step 7: Enjoy the beautiful lands of MineScape

Another post will be made soon on how to install optifine and shaders to make the world look even more amazing.