MineScape Rules [16/8/2022]

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Server Rules:
The following rules apply while playing in-game & on the discord server.

- Support tickets for help/appeals are to be opened in the discord under #📧support📧
- Acceptable forge mods are: Optifine, Minimaps, and general information mods. Mods deemed to give an unfair advantages must be removed, if unsure ask a team member or open a support ticket.
- Respect all members of the community, especially our volunteer team/staff members.
- Spamming, antagonizing, harassment, trolling, targeted and offensive/vulgar language in chat or voice in general or towards anyone will not be tolerated and will be handled accordingly.
- Each player is allowed a maximum of 2 accounts online at a time whilst playing.

**The following will not be tolerated and will result in a ban:**
- The use of external assistance such as auto-clickers, macros, scripts or anything that isn't a player manually inputting keys to play. *(Botting/Scripting)*
- Sharing accounts with other players.
- Scamming of any kind.
- Advertising anything other than MineScape.
- Real World Trading "RWT". *(Any exchanges done outside of MineScape game)*
- Exploiting any bugs/mechanics in the game. *(Report any bugs found immediately.)*
- Players muted or banned may appeal in the discord by opening a support ticket. Appealed permanent bans will result in a full player reset.

Failing to follow these rules, will result in a mute or ban.

If you have any queries about the rules please open a ticket in Discord#📧support📧

Discord: https://discord.gg/minescape
Server Store: https://store.minescape.me/
Server Voting: https://forums.minescape.me/t/server-vote-links/22
Join the team: https://forum.minescape.me/threads/applying-to-be-apart-of-the-minescape-team.165/

Joining the server: https://forum.minescape.me/threads/joining-the-minescape-me-server.41/

Server ips 1.18.1 - Choose one with the least ping for you
au.minescape.me (australia)

Social media pages, please go like and follow <3

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