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   Clue Scrolls
      Dark Wizard
      Giant Rat
      Green Dragon
      Hill Giant
   Quest Guides
      Cook's Assistant
      Prince Ali Rescue
      Sheep Shearer
      Tutorial Island
      Witch's Potion
  • Welcome to the MineScape Wiki.

    This wiki was created July 27, 2019, to service the players of the MineScape server and aid in gameplay. It is editable by all, and kept up by the playerbase. Feel free to post guides and information here, or edit existing information. If you have any questions, ask in our discord above!

    Examples of stuff to add:

    Looking forward to see what the users create <3

    Creating & Editing Pages

    To create a page you click on "Create page" in the upper left hand corner below "MINESCAPE". Once you've done that a screen will pop up with...

    Link URL:
    Page type: BbCode

    Example Edit

    Link URL: cooks-assistant
    Title: Cook's Assistant
    Page type: Bbcode

    To edit the page you click on "EDIT" and you can insert images, media and whatnot. Once you feel satisfied with a page click "Preview" and that will show you what the page will look like once it's been saved. If you like how it looks click save and don't worry, you can always go back and edit a page if needed.

    Example Video