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   Clue Scrolls
         Big bones
         Dragon bones
         Wolf Bones
      Bronze Bar
      Copper Ore
      Iron Bar
      Iron Ore
      Tin Ore
      Aberrant Spectre
      Abyssal Demon
      Abyssal Guardian
      Abyssal Leech
      Abyssal Walker
      Air Wizard
      Animated Armour
      Chaos Druid
      Dark Wizard
      Deadly red spider
      Earth Wizard
      Elder Chaos Druid
      Fire Wizard
      Giant Rat
      Green Dragon
      Grizzly bear
      Hill Giant
      Moss Giant
      Water Wizard
      White Knight
   Quest Guides
      Cook's Assistant
      Doric's Quest
      Druidic Ritual
      Goblin Diplomacy
      Imp Catcher
      Prince Ali Rescue
      Restless Ghost
      Romeo & Juliet
      Rune Mysteries
      Sheep Shearer
      The Knight's Sword
      Tutorial Island
      Witch's Potion
  • FAQ [WIP]


    How do I join the server? / Can't resolve host name
    minecraft JAVA edition 1.13.2 up to 1.15.4 (germany) (britain) (australia)

    Can I play on my: Phone,XBOX,PS4,Nintendo Switch? / Do I need to buy Minecraft?
    No you must use the JAVA edition on PC which can be bought here

    Why can't I join?
    Restarting minecraft, Reloging into minecraft launcher, Changing the IP.

    How do I lower my ping?
    Refer to "How do I join the server" pick the best location for you.

    How do I downgrade versions?
    Minecraft launcher -> Installations -> New -> 1.14.4

    My resource pack isn't working!
    Try using /URP. If /URP didn't work do the following: Disconnect -> Click the server -> Edit -> Server Resource Packs change to Enabled.


    I accidentally cleared my scoreboard how do I get it back?
    Rejoin the server and it should be back.

    Where do I find a spade?
    Varrock general store on the 2nd floor.

    My mobs aren't moving how do I fix? / My mobs are invisible.
    To fix Mobs that aren't moving refer to "How do I downgrade versions?"

    Where do I mine <ore>?
    Mining information

    Where is this clue?
    Clue wiki

    Where do I claim the treasure chests?
    By the general store in Lumbridge.

    How much is <item>?
    You can check in #bot-abuse by typing: GE <item name>

    How do I pick up items?
    Left click to pick them up, or right click for a GUI to select which loot you want.

    Can I use a higher level axe even my attack isn't that high?
    Yup! You just can't equip it.

    How do I get the free items?
    Here and here then insert 0 for the amount!

    How do i drop items?
    Press Q on the item.

    Where to get anti dragon shield?
    Oziach in Edgeville.

    Will the server reset after BETA?
    No the server will not reset.

    How do I open <item> pack?
    Put the pack on your hotbar and right click it when in your hand.

    How do I use my cosmetics?
    Open your inventory and click the cosmetic tab

    How do I use a skill pack? / What is a skill pack?
    A skill pack is a small amount of resources to help with the selected skill. To use a skill pack right click it when in your hand.

    Where can I find flax?
    You can find flax at the Crafting guild.

    How do I make money?
    To start out you can kill cows and sell the hides.

    How do I type in clan chat?
    put the ! symbol before your message.

    How do I vote?
    Go here for all the voting links

    How do I use/get the modpack?
    Visit here for all the modpack information!

    I accidentally cleared my scoreboard what are the lines?
    You can get all the lines: Here

    I can't type in chat it says "cannot send chat message" how do I fix this?
    Esc -> Options -> Multiplayer Settings -> set chat to shown