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Minescape Pack FAQ by LoastyToast

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   Clue Scrolls
         Big bones
         Dragon bones
         Wolf Bones
      Bronze Bar
      Copper Ore
      Iron Bar
      Iron Ore
      Tin Ore
      Aberrant Spectre
      Abyssal Demon
      Abyssal Guardian
      Abyssal Leech
      Abyssal Walker
      Air Wizard
      Animated Armour
      Chaos Druid
      Dark Wizard
      Deadly red spider
      Earth Wizard
      Elder Chaos Druid
      Fire Wizard
      Giant Rat
      Green Dragon
      Grizzly bear
      Hill Giant
      Moss Giant
      Water Wizard
      White Knight
   Quest Guides
      Cook's Assistant
      Doric's Quest
      Druidic Ritual
      Goblin Diplomacy
      Imp Catcher
      Prince Ali Rescue
      Restless Ghost
      Romeo & Juliet
      Rune Mysteries
      Sheep Shearer
      The Knight's Sword
      Tutorial Island
      Witch's Potion
  • LoastyToasty's MineScape Modpack's Info

    ----- Included Mods -----
    Main Focus Mods:
    Xaero's MiniMap - A mini map mod that allows you to see the world around you as you travel
    Xaero's World Map - A full screen map with an included saved map so you know your way around the world
    Inventory HUD - Gives more information on your inventory without having to open it (off by default, toggle with L)
    PackMenu - Redesign of the Main Menu in MineCraft to suit this pack's theme

    Extra mods:
    Reauth - To reconnect in times that MineCraft servers go down
    Sound Devices options - To change what default device your MineCraft sounds play though (helpful for headset & speaker users)
    Toast Control - Turns off those annoying "new recipe" notifications
    Default Options - Allows me to ship a default config for controls + mini map settings for those who have never launched the modpack before
    No Crafting Book - Removes the Crafting book from your inventory to not get mixed with the Magic book
    Advanced Skin Customization - Ability to see your character in first person view
    Shoulder Surfing Reloaded - Ability to see a new perspective from over the shoulder
    FreeLook - Allows you to look around using ALT without moving your direction
    Music Player - Can play Youtube, Twitch, Etc

    If you wish to get Optifine you can get it from here


    URL to the pack:

    You can use any of the following launchers: Application

    AT Launcher - Please note that you will have to manually update the pack using this!

    Troubleshooting FAQ

    How do i add optifine?
    Right click the modpack > Open Folder > Mods > and drop the Optifine file in there! I have provided a link to the 1.15.2 install of optifine in the modpack's main menu!

    "No java executable found. Cannot execute post-installation tasks for forge"
    Please download the latest version of java (64bit probably required).

    The launcher isn't showing up, It keeps loading an old version of the launcher, Or it keeps asking me to re-download the launcher
    Please navigate to Top left Menu > File > Settings > Minecraft and check the following:
    - Minecraft Path does not have any spaces in it. ex. D:/Minecraft Launcher -- change this to D:/MinecraftLauncher
    - Allocated Ram set to 2000mb+
    - Ensure you have downloaded and run Minecraft 1.14.4 Vanilla before

    I cant get the modpack to launch on mac
    This one is a bit complicated, due to twitch not using the correct minecraft launcher for any versions above 1.13
    The fix to this is to follow this video:

    How to do i return to the vanilla health bar?
    First go to RPG HUD (hit escape and in the top right) and go to player health. There you can click "Render vanilla element"
    Then go to Minescape Addons (right alt by default) and you can set "render health" to true.

    When i adjust my screen size the HUD moves out of screen
    This is due to the positional issue of the HUD mods installed.
    You can change all huds elements using the following keys
    Right Alt - Minescape Addons
    Esc > RPG HUD (top right) - RPG HUD
    G > Gui Settings - Advanced Skins
    Ctrl + i - Inventory HUD

    How do i return to the normal Minecraft inventory?
    Press Right Alt to enter the minescapeaddons config menu. There you can change the settings to return the game back to its normal inventory screen!

    How do i remove the new First Person view?
    Press V

    How do i change the third person camera?
    Once you enter the new view using f5, you can use the arrow keys to adjust the placement of the camera! NOTE: not all clicks will be 100% accurate, you may need to adjust some settings to find what works for you!