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    This article gives you tips about training the Ranged skill on MineScape.
    This article was written with help of the OSRS wiki.

    *NOTE: all experience rates are without any xp booster!


    Training Bow1Training Arrows+ (not available)
    Shortbow1Iron Arrows+
    Longbow1Iron Arrows+
    Oak Shortbow5Steel Arrows+
    Oak Longbow5Steel Arrows+
    Willow Shortbow20Mithril Arrows+
    Willow Longbow20Mithril Arrows+
    Willow Comp Bow20Mithril Arrows+ (not available)
    Maple Shortbow30Adamant Arrows+
    Maple Longbow30Adamant Arrows+
    Yew Shortbow40Rune Arrows+
    Yew Longbow40Rune Arrows+
    Magic Shortbow50--
    Magic Longbow50--


    Crossbow1Bronze Bolts
    Phoenix Crossbow1Bronze Bolts
    Bronze Crossbow1Bronze Bolts
    Blurite Crossbow16Blurite Bolts
    Iron Crossbow26Iron Bolts
    Steel Crossbow31Steel Bolts
    Mith Crossbow36Mithril Bolts
    Adamant Crossbow46Adamant Bolts
    Rune Crossbow61Runite Bolts


    TypeLevelDefence level
    Leather Armour11 (10 for Hardleather body)
    Studded Leather Armour201 (20 for Studded body)
    Green Dragonhide Armour401 (40 for D'hide body)
    Blue d'hide Armour (not available)501 (40 for D'hide body)
    Red d'hide Armour (not available)601 (40 for D'hide body)
    Black d'hide Armour (not available)701 (40 for D'hide body)

    Table "Crossbows" stated by *Sikovit*,
    Rebuilded and finished article - "Jetta"