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Prayer Pyro 6,213 bytes
Bones Pyro 800 bytes
Mining king_k_koala 3,771 bytes
Cooking king_k_koala 2,878 bytes
Attack king_k_koala 1,435 bytes
Clue Scrolls king_k_koala 4,577 bytes
Clue Scrolls king_k_koala 4,546 bytes
Clue Scrolls king_k_koala 4,525 bytes
Clue Scrolls king_k_koala 4,504 bytes
Barbarian king_k_koala 2,680 bytes
Imp king_k_koala 2,258 bytes
Monk king_k_koala 1,423 bytes
Spider king_k_koala 1,383 bytes
Hill Giant king_k_koala 1,535 bytes
Rat king_k_koala 1,501 bytes
Goblin king_k_koala 2,449 bytes
Man king_k_koala 1,632 bytes
Green Dragon king_k_koala 1,539 bytes
Clue Scrolls king_k_koala 4,462 bytes
Clue Scrolls king_k_koala 4,432 bytes
Prince Ali Rescue EpicJ0J0 51 bytes
Prince Ali Rescue EpicJ0J0 51 bytes
Prince Ali Rescue KRYZT 60 bytes
Quest Guides KRYZT 1,452 bytes
Clue Scrolls KRYZT 4,407 bytes
Clue Scrolls KRYZT 4,407 bytes
Clue Scrolls KRYZT 4,408 bytes
Monk Dablakbandit 1,383 bytes
Items Dablakbandit 60 bytes
Clue Scrolls Pyro 4,420 bytes
Clue Scrolls Dablakbandit 4,036 bytes
Man vili600 1,548 bytes
Green Dragon vili600 1,412 bytes
Man vili600 1,668 bytes
Warrior vili600 1,432 bytes
Unicorn vili600 1,477 bytes
Guard vili600 1,376 bytes
Goblin vili600 1,377 bytes
Giant Rat vili600 1,479 bytes
Farmer vili600 1,395 bytes
Cow vili600 2,154 bytes
Chicken vili600 2,030 bytes
Barbarian vili600 1,533 bytes
Dark Wizard vili600 1,534 bytes
Hill Giant Dablakbandit 1,326 bytes
Mobs Dablakbandit 60 bytes
Man vili600 1,516 bytes
Cow vili600 2,081 bytes
Smithing EpicJ0J0 96 bytes
Fletching EpicJ0J0 56 bytes