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  • Thieving

    Online Thieving Success Calculator

    NPCLevelExperienceLocation(s)Stolen goodsStun time
    3 Coins​

    4 seconds​
    Farmer1014.5Lumbridge at Chicken farm and South of Falador at Cabbage field
    9 Coins​
    3 seconds​
    H.A.M Member (female)1518.5Ham Hideout
    H.A.M Member (male)2022.5Ham Hideout
    Warrior2526Al Kharid
    18 Coins​
    4 seconds​
    Rogue3212Not implemented
    Cave Goblin3640Not implemented
    Master Farmer3843Draynor Village and South of Varrock
    Various seeds​
    4 seconds​
    4046.5Varrock and Falador
    30 Coins, Grain (Very Rare)​
    4 seconds​
    Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit4565Not implemented
    Fremennik Citizen4565Not implemented
    Desert Bandit5379.5Not implemented
    Pollnivnian Bandit5584.3Not implemented
    Knight of Ardougne5584.3Ardougne
    Manaphite Thug65137.5Not implemented
    Yanille Watchman65137.5Not implemented
    Paladin70151.75Ardougne80 coins + 2 Chaos Runes
    Gnome75198.5Not implemented
    Hero80273.3Not implemented
    Elf85353.3Not implemented
    Tzhaar Hur90556.5Not implemented

    StallLevelExperienceLocation(s)Respawn time
    Vegetable Stall210Not implemented2 seconds
    Monkey Food Stall516Not implemented7 seconds
    Monkey General Stall516Not implemented7 seconds
    Crafting Stall516Not implemented7 seconds
    Bakery Stall516Not implemented2.5 seconds
    Tea Stall516Varrock7 seconds
    Wine Stall2227Draynor Village7 seconds
    Fruit StallNot implemented
    Seed Stall2710Not implemented11 seconds
    Fur Stall3536Not implemented15 seconds
    Fish Stall4242Not implemented16 seconds
    Crossbow Stall4952Not implemented11 seconds
    Silver Stall5054Not implemented30 seconds
    Spice Stall6581Not implemented60 seconds
    Magic Stall65100Not implemented80 seconds
    Scimitar Stall65160Not implemented80 seconds
    Gem Stall75160Not implemented300 seconds
    Ore StallNot implemented